RICHARD HÖTTER (*1992) is a pianist and composer for advertising music, film music and theatre music from Frankfurt am Main. He studied music and philosophy at the universities of Frankfurt am Main, Mainz and Warsaw as a Bachelor/Master of Education. 


As a composer of advertising music, his recent clients have included brands such as Ferrero, Head & Shoulders, Schott and Nordrhein-Westfalen. He also scored the sustainability series #ChangeThroughExchange for AUDI, which was one of the finalists in Cannes in 2022. 


As part of the Bad Vilbel Castle Festival, Richard Hötter took over the musical direction of various productions in the summers of 2021 and 2022. He composed songs and incidental music for the children's theatre play Robin Hood and for Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and conducted the musical rehearsals with the actors. As a freelance artist, Richard Hötter has been able to release his music on labels such as Live at Robert Johnson, Turbolenz-Records, Connaisseur-Recordings, Bar25, Housewax and Lucidflow since 2017.